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05 Final Touch/017 Pop Out Colors.mp430.65 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/012 Copying Hair Part 2.mp447.76 MB

04 Colors Shadows/013 Fix Hair Color.mp447.55 MB

02 Starting with the Image/004 Basic Retouching Tools.mp484.06 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/006 Healing Brush.mp4179.53 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/011 Adjusting Hair Lighting Techniques.mp441.15 MB

01 Introduction to The Course/002 Photographer and Hair Artist.mp422.38 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/005 Background Retouching.mp4132.19 MB

04 Colors Shadows/015 Hair Dodge Burn.mp4117.13 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/007 Clone Stamp Technique.mp4191.08 MB

01 Introduction to The Course/001 Introduction to The Course.mp414.49 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/010 Copying Technique.mp491.87 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/009 Hair Basic Clean up.mp4338.08 MB

03 Retouching Techniques/008 Smudge Tool Technique.mp493.63 MB

02 Starting with the Image/003 Raw Conversion.mp4108.85 MB

04 Colors Shadows/014 Free Lesson - Change Hair Color with a Selection Plus Action.mp465.75 MB

04 Colors Shadows/016 Setting up Contrasts.mp437.49 MB


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